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The Faith of Felicia

Posted by miguelajavier en 27 marzo, 2008

When someone in the cult said: “we shall go to the new Jerusalem”, she added: good that we are going to fly on an airplane.

A fiery preacher said in his message that Christians talk in other languages, neither short nor lazy said: Glory to God, I wish that both speak English. 


1. In 1955 she lived with her husband and fights were continuing, womanizer. Feeling weary decided to kill himself, grinding glass to drink.
She was taken to hospital and did a washing stomach and saved.

2. As the problems pursuing a rope tied to a tree in the courtyard of the house, but when nearly asficciaba, appeared a neighbor with a machete and cut the rope safe life again.

3. The spirit suicide followed urging remove life. It was the era of Trujillo on Dem. Dominican and the bridge in the capital, Juan Pablo Duarte, was recently opened and dozens were launched vacuum quitándose life. Felicia was launched but did not have the misfortune to die because he had crestonas underneath clothing, it served as a parachute, fell into the water and some fishermen took by moños and rescued.

Then Felicia said: “As neither the devil and death I want I will turn to Christ.

God has used Felicia De Jesus, lifting churches today, she preaches and advises, on time and off-time, in the pulpit or in the streets, hundreds perhaps thousands, have come to the feet of Christ.

Remember that God in his mercy calls you, entregale your life today, tomorrow it may be late.


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